Eligibility of Benefits



At the last round of bargaining, CUPE 3904 was able to fight for an increase to the health benefits for Unit 1 members. Unit 1 Contract Lecturers with full sessional and reduced sessional appointments of nine (9) hours or more are entitled to benefits paid by the employer. These benefits include:

  • Extended Health Insurance           •  Dental Insurance
  • Vision Care                                        •  Basic Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance        •  Disability Insurance

To clarify the specific health benefits and amounts of coverage, please refer to the Unit 1 Collective Agreement which can be found on the CUPE 3904 website at http://www.cupe3904.ca

As of October 1, 2018, the university will be issuing those Unit 1 members eligible drug cards that they are required to use for the purchase of pharmaceuticals.  SunLife will not provide reimbursement for drugs purchased without the drug card. If you have any questions regarding the drug card, please contact Human Resources at Ryerson University by telephone at 416-979-5075 or by email at hr@ryerson.ca.

CUPE 3904 Unit 1 members who teach less than nine (9) hours per week should be aware that in lieu of health benefits, the union has fought for management to pay an additional 3 percent in wages. This amount is reported as a separate line item on your bi-weekly pay stub.


In addition to bargaining for better and increased benefits for Unit 1 members, CUPE 3904 also fought for the university to maintain and increase the professional development funds as follows:

  • Unit 1 members with a full sessional workload are entitled to up to $550 a semester as reimbursement of professional development expenses.
  • Unit 1 members with a reduced sessional workload are entitled to $425 a semester as reimbursement of professional development expenses.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of expenditures for professional development expenses is required. Please ensure that you submit your professional development form with original receipts.

  • Unit 1 members with a part-time appointment are encouraged to enter the Unit 1 Professional Development Lottery for $250. Part-time Contract Lecturer eligibility for professional development fees is limited to once per academic year. Although receipts are not required to be submitted as part of the Unit 1 Professional Development Lottery form, members are required to keep their original receipts for seven years for CCRA purposes.

Professional Development Fund forms can be found online on the union website at http://www.cupe3904.ca

Further information regarding the Unit 1 Professional Development Fund can be found on the CUPE 3904 website under the Unit 1 “FAQ” tab.


All Unit 1 Contract Lecturers are eligible to contribute to a matching RRSP fund through the university. The employer will match the contributions of Unit 1 members who participate in the plan to a maximum of up to six (6) percent of their salary.

We encourage our members to utilize and contribute to the matching RRSP fund provided by the employer. By contributing to the plan, our members are able to obtain an additional amount of funds from the employer of up to six (6) percent of their wages during their employment for every Fall and Winter Unit 1 contract.

For further information about the matching RRSP funds, including how to enroll in the plan, contact Human Resources directly at 416-979-5075 or by email at hr@ryerson.ca