How much extra student pay do we receive and when do we get paid this amount?

CUPE Local 3904’s Unit 1 Bargaining Committee fought hard against management to maintain class size limits. The Unit 1 Collective Agreement has always allowed for university
management to load an additional thirty-three (33) students above and beyond the existing class size limit. The Unit 1
Collective Agreement designates that the Contract Lecturer is to be paid $80 for each additional student over the class size limit or use this money to have their department hire a
marker/grader to handle the additional marking and
workload of these extra students.
Extra student pay, should you opt to be paid this money and do the work yourself, is paid in one lump sum at the end of the semester through your bi-weekly pay. Human Resources at Ryerson University or your Department Assistant generally send out an email notifying all eligible Unit 1 members of the pay date they can expect to receive this lump sum.

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