Important Dates


Ryerson University (Day School) Job Posting Date

  • November 1st for the Winter Semester
  • March 1st for the Spring semester
  • May 30th for the Fall semester

PLEASE NOTE: Unit 1 job postings are posted on the eHR website for ten (10) working days as per the collective agreement, except in emergency posting situations.

Currency Report Due Dates

  • June 1st for Contract Lecturers with a two (2) semester Reduced or Full Sessional appointment (Fall and Winter) or consecutive Fall and Winter Reduced and Sessional appointments
  • January 15th for Contract Lecturers with a Fall only appointment
  • May 15th for Contract Lecturers with a Fall and Winter Part Time two (2) semester appointment or consecutive Fall and Winter Part Time appointments

To submit a currency report, go to your and login. Click on the APPS tab at the top. Scroll down and click on the link that states “Annual Report/Currency Report.” Click on the link that states “CUPE 1 Currency Report.” Follow the instructions to fill in and submit your currency report.

Your employment contract at Ryerson University requires that Unit 1 members submit a currency report on the dates noted above to demonstrate how they maintained currency during the time period of the employment contract.

PLEASE NOTE: All departments and faculties across the campus now require that returning applicants submit a currency report from the previous term or year as part of their application package. The submission of this report is required by the terms and conditions of your Unit 1 employment contract. When you submit your report, it goes directly to your Chair/Director.