In order to put forth the best possible job application, we encourage members to address the following selection categories set out by university management in their application package:

  • Education
    • relevant academic degrees, credentials and professional designations
  • Experience
    • relevant work and/or community experience in the professional field or discipline; extent of university teaching experience; experience teaching the same or equivalent course at Ryerson University or equivalent course at another university
  • Currency
    • demonstrated evidence of having maintained up-to-date knowledge (including practice skills, where appropriate) in the specific field or discipline
  • and/or
    • demonstrated evidence of having maintained academic currency in the specific field or discipline relevant to the course, including publication(s) in peer reviewed journals, presentations or attendance at relevant academic conferences as well as attendance/participation at relevant teaching conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Teaching Skills
    • ability to teach effectively in a university environment as demonstrated by tools such as Contract Lecturer Assessment forms, Faculty Course Survey results and equivalent documentation
  • Interactive Skills
    • demonstrated ability to interact effectively with colleagues and adult students, work effectively in groups, resolve conflicts constructively, ability to carry out the duties and obligations of a Contract Lecturer in a respectful manner, empathize with others, consider varied perspectives and commit to ongoing assessment For a more detailed description of what you should submit as part of your application package, please refer to the Continuing Education website at
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