Unions have worked hard to establish many of the rights and privileges we enjoy today. They have played a major role in establishing fair and safe work environments for all workers. They set standards, offer support, fight for the rights of their members and even strike if the situation calls for it.

At CUPE Local 3904, we not only take pride in our ability to adhere to the standards set forth by other unions across the country, but to ensure our members never have to stand alone when fighting for workplace improvements.

The union does many things, but negotiating Collective Agreements and holding the employer accountable to the terms of these agreements is its central focus. Negotiating Collective Agreements provides us with the opportunity to sit down with the employer every three or four years, address concerns and make improvements to our working conditions, benefits and salary. It’s the one time we are on level footing with the employer and are legally able to change the conditions we work under. Negotiations can often be lengthy, difficult and stressful, but CUPE Local 3904 asks all members to be part of the process by helping to develop our position on issues of importance to the membership. You can get involved by filling out a bargaining survey (provided by members of our Bargaining Team through email), remaining aware of the progression of talks through attending meetings held by the Bargaining Committee, asking questions when you do not know what is going on and by telling your Bargaining Team what you think.

Over the last year, CUPE Local 3904 has succeeded in improving membership benefits, negotiating three year contracts for 60 of the most senior Unit 1 members (an increase of 43 additional long-term contracts for Unit 1 members) and 30 of the most senior Unit 2 members (where none existed previously for Unit 2 members) as well as obtaining greater health benefits for full and reduced sessional Unit 1 members. Our greatest
challenge was fighting the employer over the issue of class sizes and workload to preserve our jobs and improve the benefits and overall wages of all of our members. In the case of Unit 3, our greatest challenge was fighting the employer to prioritize and ensure the hiring of Ryerson graduate students as well as improve the benefits and overall wages of our members.

CUPE Local 3904 strives to be more than just a union to our members; we’re your voice, your friend and, most importantly, your family!

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